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PCB Assembly with Leaded Solder

The technique which uses a solder material containing lead is called lead-based soldering. It is also called non-RoHS soldering since it doesn’t comply with the regulations set by Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), a European Union directive that restricts the use of solder material containing lead. 

Non-RoHS soldering or lead-based PCB boards can withstand higher temperatures than RoHS boards (up to 183°C/361°F) and contain a lower flux percentage as low as 1% weight.

Flux is the core inside the solder wire which provides good electrical contact and mechanical strength to the joint that is being soldered. The volume of flux in the solder material is a crucial parameter. The higher flux volume is usually desired to achieve a better connection and support to the component that is being soldered.

The lower flux volume is not desirable for lead-free (RoHS) soldering as it results in more difficulty to join the component terminal while soldering.

PCB Directory has listed companies that provide PCB assembly soldering using leaded solder. Narrow down the list of companies based on their location and capabilities.

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