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Editorial Team - Rapid Direct

Nov 17, 2020

Sheet metal fabrication has been used for many decades across a wide variety of industries. From automobiles to aerospace, through furniture and many consumer items, sheet metal is a practical and proven method of manufacture. When it comes to online sheet metal fabrication there are further benefits to be enjoyed, so below we are going to talk about some of these and help you understand why this may be the production method you are in need of.

Cost Effective and Affordable

There are a number of reasons why sheet metal fabrication is attractive to manufacturers. Products that are hollow, for example, and far cheaper to make using sheet metal fabrication processes than they would be via CNC, injection molding and 3D printing. The same applies to larger items and those that are primarily flat in shape.

Sheet metal fabrications also offer an impressive strength to weight ratio; the sheet metal is lightweight in comparison to other materials and is easily formed into a variety of shapes. There are also many metals to choose from, but for the record it is notable that aluminum offers the best strength to weight ratio and is among the most popular – and affordable – of all metals bought in bulk.

Totally Customizable

With sheet metal you are not limited in the design of your product. It will, of course, need to be practical in order to be manufactured, but the great thing is that sheet metal is completely customizable. The flexibility of the material should not be understated: it can be cut and formed – bent if you like – into a massive range of shapes, and it can also be engraved and perforated. The possibilities really are extensive.

Sheet metal products are also easy to manufacture once everything is in place. This means you benefit from faster production times, which in turn means reduced manufacturing costs. We are talking about having parts manufactured in hours rather than days or weeks – once the design has been finalized and agreed – which is a major plus when you need stock quickly.

Replace and Repair

Another major bonus with sheet metal fabrications is that it is a material that is easy to repair, and in most cases, parts can be simple to replace. Car body panels, for example, can often be removed and replaced by experts with the right tools, and there are many more examples. Patches can be added to damaged parts if required, and it is easy to manufacture new parts should a customer require them.

The simplicity with which sheet metal fabrication can be used to make even complex shapes is not to be overlooked in a world that is increasingly looking at more recent innovations in manufacturing technology. There have been some impressive developments in terms of design and production in recent years, and there is no doubt that CNC and 3D printing technology has its place in manufacturing and industry, but sometimes the established methods are the best, and that is often the case when it comes to sheet metal fabrications.

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