Conformal Coating Machine by ETS Energy Technology Systems, Inc

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The FlexCell from ETS Energy Technology Systems is a Conformal Coating Machine. It uses 8 valves for efficient selective coating and other dispensing processes. This equipment can accommodate Printed Circuit Boards with maximum component height of 100 mm and the speed of the dispensing nozzle is 1000 m/s. The nozzle dispenses material with a diameter from 15 to 30 mm using an air pressure of 0.6MPa (100L/min). It has a repeatability factor of ±5 µm and the whole coating process can go from L to R (Standard) or R to L depending on the direction of the conveyor, which has an average speed of 8000 mm/min. The height of the conveyor is from 900 to 965 mm and its width ranges from 50 to 500 mm, which is supported by an edge clearance of 5 mm for easy mobility of the dispensing machine.

The FlexCell is a high-precision gantry robot workcell equipped with various end effectors for optimal performance, including selective conformal coating spray and dispense valves, fluid dispensing valves, non-contact jetting valves, plasma treatment nozzles, and more. It includes dual nozzle simultaneous processing, four-direction 35° tilt, valve/nozzle rotation, and integrated inverter for double-sided processing, enhancing its performance while ensuring the lowest cost of ownership. Additionally, it can be configured with a range of accessories, including a PC with LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse (Height Adjustable), auto dipping and purging waste collection system, LED UV lamps for inspection, PCB stopping and clamping system.

This conformal coating machine requires an AC supply from 220 to 240 V and consumes 3 KW of power. It has overall dimensions of 1100 x 1200 x 1630 mm and a net weight of 700kg, providing space saving while being an efficient coating machine.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    ETS Energy Technology Systems, Inc
  • Description
    Conformal Coating Machine for PCBs with Component Height of 100 mm

General Parameters

  • Numbers of Valves
    8 Valves
  • Speed
    1000 m/s
  • Conveyor Speed
    8000 mm/min
  • Total Power
    3 kW
  • Air Source
    0.6MPa (100L/min)
  • Process Flow
    Left to Right, Right to Left
  • Spray Width
    15 to 30 mm
  • Max Component Height
    100 mm
  • Conveyor Height
    900 to 965 mm
  • Conveyor Width
    50 to 500 mm
  • Edge Clearance
    5 mm
  • Repeatability
    ±5 µm
  • Power Supply
    220 - 240 VAC Single Phase 50/60 Hz (3 wire), 208 VAC Split Phase 60Hz (4 wire), 208 VAC Three Phase WYE 60 Hz (5 wire)
  • Net Weight
    700 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    1100 x 1200 x 1630 mm

Technical Documents

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