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The OB-CO2000 from Oubel is an Infrared Curing Oven that is used for baking PCBs after application of conformal coating. It uses a combination of infrared and micro-tube hot air circulation heating method for the heating temperature of each zone to be individually controlled. Excellent circulation of hot air flowof this oven enables it to achieve a maximum temperature of 150°C and thick external insulation ensure minimum heat loss. It has 2 heating zones and allows temperature of each zone to be controlled individually using PID temperature controlling for higher accuracy.

The OB-CO2000 has a fully closed loop conveyor system and high-strength guide rail design to ensure accuracy. It has a PCB conveyer height of 900 mm and a PCBA width from 50 to 400 mm. This over has a conveyor speed of up to 2000 mm/min and a heating time of ~20 minutes.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Oubel Group
  • Description
    2-Zone, 150°C Infrared Curing Oven

General Parameters

  • Type
    IR Curing Oven
  • PCB Size
    50 - 400 mm
  • Operating Power
    12 kw
  • Power Consumption
    3 kw
  • Power Supply
    5W3P, 380 V
  • Conveyor Direction
    Left to Right, Right to Left
  • Conveyor Height
    900 ± 20 mm
  • Conveyor Speed
    0.7 - 2 m/min
  • Heating Time
    Approx 20 min
  • Temperature Control Accuracy
    ± 1.5 Degree C
  • Transport Motor
    120 w
  • Net Weight
    450 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    2000 x 960 x 1250 mm

Technical Documents

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