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The XTC-N2 from EMT Electronics Engineering is a 1250 Litre Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet that is designed for drying and storing moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). It is equipped with a smart nitrogen flow unit (N2AF-01) which ensures constant low relative humidity of ≤1%RH for short to long-term storage. This dry cabinet is suitable for medium and high-volume production and can also be used for baking (floor life resetting) purposes with optional heater units up to 100?C degree. It has an ergonomic structure and high volume and is ideal for moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage of wide-ranging technologies.

The XTC-N2 maintains the moisture level at desired levels by optimally adjusting the nitrogen gas using its extensive software and sensitive sensors. According to process needs, nitrogen gas pressure can be increased, reduced, or nitrogen gas purging settings can be changed on the touch screen control panel to be specially shaped for the system. The touch screen control panel provides 800x480px resolution in 7″ touch-capable area. Users can interact with all important data in the cabinets with simple clicks and it can also be controlled remotely via computers, phones, and tablets using Wi-Fi and ethernet connections. It is equipped with high-precision sensors and integrated data logger for performance traceability.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    EMT Electronics Engineering Limited
  • Description
    1250 Litre Smart Nitrogen Dry Cabinet for MSDs

General Parameters

  • Capacity
    1250 liters
  • Shelves
    10 shelves
  • Power Consumption
    50 W
  • Power Input
    220 - 240 V AC 50 Hz - 110 V AC 60 Hz (±10%)
  • RH Capability
    ± 1.5% RH
  • Internal Dimension
    1197 x 1654 x 630 mm
  • External Dimension
    1200 x 1990 x 750 mm
  • Net Weight
    190 kg

Technical Documents

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