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The RW1210 from Manncorp is a Rework Stationfor SMT, BGA and LED chips. It combines precision, reliability, and affordability in an all-in-one solution for applications ranging from complex, densely populated PCBAs to simple LED strips. This machine provides high-definition (HD) vision by combining 1.3MP split-vision CCD camera and high-brightness with independently controlled lighting for both the component and the PCB. This results in crystal-clear superimposed image of the component leads and the PCB solder pads at 230x magnification. 

The RW1210 can accommodate boards sizes from 15 mm x 20 mm (0.6" x 0.79") to 412 mm x 370 mm (16.2" x 14.5") and can handle component sizes from 2 x 2 mm to 60 x 60 mm. It includes adjustable pins and an additional set of rails to support the underside of a PCB. The X- and Y-axis of this rework station are controlled at the board holding fixture while the θ-axis (component rotation) is controlled at the pick-up head and once placement has been activated, Z-axis height sensing guarantees gentle touch-down. It achieves mounting accuracy of ±0.02 mm, even when placing advanced SMDs such as µBGAs and ultra fine pitch QFPs with lead pitches as small as 0.3 mm (0.012").This machine features two hot air heaters, one top and one bottom, for fully controllable desoldering and resoldering.

The RW1210rework station is controlled through a 15"touchscreendisplay. It uses dial adjustments to control component and PCB lighting as well as air flow from the upper heater.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Precision Rework Stationfor SMT, BGA and LED Chips

General Parameters

  • PCB Size
    15 x 20 to 470 x 550 mm
  • Total Power
    6600 W
  • Top Heater Power
    800 W
  • Bottom Heater Power
    800 W
  • IR pre-heater
    5000 W
  • Component size
    80 x 80 mm
  • Power Supply
    220 V / 50/60 Hz
  • Net Weight
    140 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    760 x 850 x 950 mm

Technical Documents

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