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The JewelBox-110T from Glenbrook Technologies is a Precision X-Ray Imaging Machine for inspection of BGA, Flip Chip, CSP and IC packages. It delivers precision X-ray images of ultra-high resolution and gray scale accuracy without the aberrations of Voltage Blooming and Pincushioning prevalent in other systems. This machine uses the patented x-ray camera technology with its 5–7-micron focal spot x-ray tube to deliver precise x-ray images at magnifications from 7X to 1,200X with a resolution of 100 line-pairs/mm. The camera has a broad energy sensitivity range which allows x-ray imaging of both high density and low-density devices.

The JewelBox 110T offers five-axis control of the inspected product, including 360° rotation and tilt. It is available in an enclosure that measures 35 x 43 x 72 inches and is suitable for advanced electronic packages such as BGAs, Flip Chips, CSPs, IC Wire Bonds, die attachment, as well as critical medical devices. This machine requires an AC supply.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Glenbrook Technologies
  • Description
    Precision X-Ray Imaging Machine for Advanced Electronic Packages

General Parameters

  • Magnification
    7X to 1200X
  • Anode Voltage
    110 kV
  • Anode Current
    0.227 mA
  • Focal Spot Size
    5 to 7 um
  • Manipulator
    Five-axis joystick positioner
  • Focal spot to image plane distance
    229 to 305 mm
  • Power Supply
    120V/60 Hz, 220V/50 Hz
  • Overall Dimensions
    892.175 x 1095.375 x 1879.6 mm

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