iX7059 PCB

iX7059 PCB

X-ray Inspection System by Viscom vision technology (4 more products)

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The iX7059 PCB by Viscom Vision Technology is a 3D X-ray Inspection System for networked PCB manufacturing. It has an extended longboard option enables inspection of large PCB assemblies measuring up to 1,600 x 660 mm - making it an ideal solution for server boards, LEDs, semiconductors, and 5G electronics. The iX7059 delivers unparalleled inspection precision in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D with powerful X-rays of up to 130 kV (optional 160 kV), high-quality 3D AXI volume calculation with planar CT, and additional vertical slices for optimum analyses and dependable verification. It ensures complete defect detection on densely populated, thick and double-sided PCBs. This system supports high-precision solder joint inspection, even on extremely small components and the complex assemblies of high-performance processors. 

The iX7059 PCB is designed to provide 100% quality assurance in modern SMT production and delivers outstanding inspection performance for SMD and THT solder joints, as well as the exact measurement of voids. It features an IPC-compliant AXI inspection library as well as maximum inspection program optimization through integrated verification ensures streamlined and efficient operation. With its cutting-edge microfocus X-ray technology and new dynamic 3D image acquisition methods, the iX7059 is capable of detecting hidden defects even in complex assemblies that cause massive shadowing effects.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    iX7059 PCB
  • Manufacturer
    Viscom vision technology
  • Description
    3D X-ray Inspection System for PCBs up to 1600 x 660 mm

General Parameters

  • Anode Voltage
    130 to 160 kV
  • Anode Current
    300 to 500 µA
  • Detector Type
    Flat panel detector type FPD T2 (FPD T3 optional), 14-bit grayscale depth
  • Resolution
    8.5 to 25 µm/Pixel
  • Power Supply
    400 V
  • Net Weight
    2245 kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    1493 x 1654 x 2207 mm

Technical Documents

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