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Cadworld (UK) Ltd

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Cadworld (UK) Ltd was formed in April 2004 to provide PCB design services to the electronics industry. During this time we have worked with many companies in various engineering sectors gaining a broad knowledge of the many technologies and disciplines required in PCB design and manufacture.

Our customers varies from small start-ups, to multi-national companies. We have worked on projects from 1-off conception prototypes to mass production in the thousands, therefore, we understand the different requirements of each customer and project.

We pride ourselves on quality, innovation and knowledge. We can help you realise you design project goals with efficiency and skill.

We have worked with many companies and sectors including Aerospace, Automotive & Motorsport, Safety Critical, Security, Medical, Consumer, to name a few.

Our business model allows us to be flexible and add resource when required. We have a pool of tried and trusted designers that we call on more

PCB Repair / Rework Services

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Stencil Capabilities

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Design Capabilities

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Design Service
Design Software

Mentor Xpedition, Pads Pro, Altium

•Placement and routing

•Schematic capture

•Library component creation

•Concept, prototype, pre-production and production manufacture

•High speed digital designs (some up to 12Gbit/s).

•RF design

•Experience of designing Controlled Impedance/Matched Length/Max. Length/Differential Pair lines for signal integrity

•High Voltage Designs including creepage and stringent clearance restrictions

•Design from prototype through to production release, including manufacturing and assembly drawings, BOM and a full Printed Board documentation package.

•Liaising with manufacturers, sub-contract assembly for quotations and manufacture

•Constraint driven design for:

    ▫Signal Integrity

    ▫High speed /skew


    ▫Creepage and clearance

    ▫Power Integrity


•Industry standards adhered to

•Online reviews

•3D board data

•Internal review and customer signoff

•Easy communication with our staff

Assembly Capabilities

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Material Brand Series

    Fabrication Capabilities

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