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HongRuiXing (Hubei) Electronics Co.,Ltd (Horexs) is one of the famous leading and fast-growing Chinese IC substrate manufacturers. Which was located in Huangshi city of Hubei province China.  We are committed to the development of IC substrate in China, striving to become one of the top three IC substrate manufacturers in China, and striving to become a world-class IC substrate manufacturer in the world . 

Technology roadmap: Substrative/mSAP/RCC: L/S 20/20un, SAP: 15/15um and below 10/12um. BT+ABF materials. 

Support: Wire bonding Substrate (All types) Wire bonding(BGA) Substrate FCBGA/FCCSP & CSP package Substrate SiP / MEMS / CMOS / Sensors / RFModule,mmWAVE pkg. substrate 2/4/6/8/10L  BT core and XBF Buildup (SAP support more than 10L) Flipchip package substrate; 3 layer Coreless substrate; FCBGA package substrate; Others ultra microelectronics package substrate such as DDR4,,DDR5,DDR6,eMMC,Other flash/Nand memory,MicroSD,TF card,fingerprint?Camera etc.

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