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We are a professional, experienced team of Electrical Engineers & Computer Programmers that can analyze your needs, identify the requirements and deliver a first-class product. Reach out to us and give us a call to discuss your next project. We deliver our products on time and under budget.

With over 20 years of experience in the embedded hardware and software industry, we have developed enterprise solutions for Fortune's top 50 companies such as Hewlett Packard, Ford, GM and others.  We are the premier embedded hardware, software and systems solution provider in Southeast Michigan.  Not only can we provide the embedded system but the complete solution including data transmission, cloud architecture and data analysis. We have coined our services as reaching from the chip to the application.

What we do:

  • Electronics Engineering and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design
  • Automotive electronic module design and more

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Design Service

Secord Solutions provides high-quality, state-of-the-art electronic product design services from concept to production. Our experience developing a variety of products with a broad range of technologies and our commitment to providing high-quality services allow our customers to have the confidence that their product development will be successful.

Developing the right hardware solution can make all the difference in how a product can operate.  Our hardware services include Chip design when you need a particular embedded solution to work within a set of parameters.  Secord can help design the whole circuit board and all of its component parts that your project will need to function at an optimal level. Over the years we have designed boards for many customers, and as the technology moves forward, Secord and its suppliers can build the right hardware solutions for your company.

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