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  • Material: Polyethylene

What are Polyethylene PCB Boards?

Polyethylene or polythene is a thermoplastic which is a mixture of similar polymers of ethylene. A PCB board which uses polythene as a substrate material is called Polyethylene PCB board.

Polyethylene is highly ductile and has a very high density. It offers low friction and does not absorb moisture. The material acts as an excellent insulator. Apart from its peculiar characteristics, it has some demerits like low strength (Hardness & Rigidity), a low melting point, and requires pre-treatment so that it can be bonded with an adhesive.

PCB Directory has listed Polyethylene PCB manufacturers from all over the world. You can narrow down on the list of Polyethylene PCB fabricators by their country and state. View each companies profile to see their capabilities and what certifications they have. PCB Directory is the largest database of PCB Companies on the internet.



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