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What are Burn In PCB Boards?

Burn-in testing is a process in which components and ICs are placed on a burn-in board and are exposed to high temperatures from around 125°C to 250°C to identify the defects in the design, material, and manufacturing process. The continuous application of temperature during the burn-in process triggers the possible failure which can happen at the time of real-time applications.

Burn-in Printed Circuit Boards are specially designed for testing purposes. FR4, a flame retardant material is used mainly to make the burn-in boards. It can handle the temperature up to 125 °C. For higher temperatures, say 250 °C, other materials like Polyimide are used. These boards usually have sockets and slots to easily fix ICs and components on the PCB Board. The Burn-In pcb with the components is then placed in a burn-in oven where a high temperature is applied. Once this happens the components are then re-evaluated to check the impact of high temperature on various components. This process is what is usually used to set operational temperature limits for a module or device.

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