ALLPCB Podcast is Now Online

In lieu of the continued spread of COVID-19 virus and the health concerns related to it, leading PCB services company, ALLPCB, has now started its own online radio podcast station to offer customers and its staff with proper assistance regarding various PCB services and solutions. The ALLPCB Podcast contains of three parts: news broadcasting, local life tips and songs picking station.

News broadcasting aims to provide employees with an information platform of the latest domestic and international current events as well as new development trends of the electronics and PCB industry. Local life tips are pretty practical and intimate, as all the employees live in Hangzhou. Its content covers all aspects of normal life. It's hoped that employees own happier life while working happily. The Songs picking station is the practice of the original intention of the Podcast, creating a communication platform for employees. Employees can pick songs for colleagues or themselves to send good wishes.

The ALLPCB Podcast, as a unique cultural ceremony of ALLPCB, is the important embodiment of corporate culture construction and a vivid propaganda of corporate values. The essence of corporate culture is to emphasize the value of person, paying more attention to human factors, and tapping human potential at higher levels.

According to the company, the core value of an enterprise is the embodiment of its corporate culture, which means clear principles. In September 2019, following the footsteps of Alibaba's new Six Principles, Mr. Zhou Bangbing,Chairman of ALLPCB, proposed new ALLPCB "Five Views": Be motivated virtuously equipped with sincere deed. Strive harder than anyone else. Always excel past achievement. Spare no effort, whatever the result is. Simplicity generates happiness. Taking the opportunities of 5G outside, equipped with sincere and firm corporate culture construction inside, it is believed that ALLPCB Era is coming soon

ALLPCB is an ultra-fast PCB super factory as well as an internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB assembly, and components sourcing. Since its establishment, it has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry through data-driven technology.

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