Atg Luther & Maelzer Streamlines PCB and Substrate Testing with Advanced Solutions

Atg Luther & Maelzer Streamlines PCB and Substrate Testing with Advanced Solutions712370

atg Luther & Maelzer, a prominent player in the electronics testing industry and part of the Mycronic Group, is revolutionizing PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and substrate testing with their comprehensive range of advanced testing solutions. With a focus on enhancing speed, accuracy, and efficiency, atg Luther & Maelzer's offerings cater to a wide range of testing requirements in the electronics manufacturing sector.

One of the key highlights of their testing portfolio is the manual flying probe system for PCB testing. This system boasts a unique multi-head technology that delivers exceptional speed and throughput, allowing for efficient testing of PCBs without the need for cumbersome fixture building. This capability is particularly advantageous when dealing with larger quantities, making the manual flying probe system a versatile solution for various production volumes.

Addressing the need for precise substrate testing, atg Luther & Maelzer offers advanced flying probe substrate test systems. These systems are specifically designed to handle intricate structures down to 10 µm and support several hundred thousand test points per panel. Incorporating scanning and capacitance measurement solutions, along with temperature management for optimal accuracy, the flying probe substrate test systems ensure thorough and reliable testing of substrates.

Recognizing the demand for automation and higher throughput in PCB testing, atg Luther & Maelzer provides automated flying probe systems. By combining automation with high-throughput test systems, these solutions enable the efficient deployment of flying probe testers in mid-size production and sample volumes. The unique multi-head technology empowers these systems to achieve exceptional speed and throughput, extending their usability to larger quantities without the need for fixture building.

In addition to their flying probe systems, atg Luther & Maelzer offers fixture-based test systems, designed to provide easy and rapid fixture building, simple operation, and high throughput. These systems incorporate optical alignment and micro adjustment features, ensuring the ability to test small pad sizes and densely packed structures accurately. Furthermore, the flexibility to employ dedicated fixtures, such as for Kelvin testing of HDI (High-Density Interconnect) PCBs, further enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

As a leading provider of PCB and substrate testing solutions, atg Luther & Maelzer continually strives to deliver cutting-edge technology to its customers. Their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has solidified their reputation in the electronics industry.

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