Celera Motion Launches Summit Designer to Simplify PCB Design Work for Robotic Solutions

Celera Motion Launches Summit Designer to Simplify PCB Design Work for Robotic Solutions712370

Celera Motion announced the launch of Summit Designer, an innovative new tool that delivers standard, market-ready PCB designs for robotic applications that save significant cost, work and time to market. This tool world’s first platform to simplify PCB design work for Robotic Solutions.

Summit Designer is an open-source PCB design library featuring a diverse and vast offering of market-ready application-specific PCBs that are designed, supported, and updated by experts. It is an optimal way to effortlessly develop compact robot joints, multi-axis AGV/AMR systems, industrial end-effectors, and surgical robots, among many others.

“Summit Designer allows developers to create an ideal application using tested and proven PCB Designs,” said Marc Vila, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Celera Motion. “This ingenious new platform cuts development time, decreases the chances of error and reduces prototype iterations. That's more important than ever as markets evolve faster and grow more competitive. Unexpected delays can be catastrophic to projects.”

Summit Designer is exceptionally easy to use. Every design is open-source and consists of a complete, fully customizable and fully documented Altium project.

Users only have to choose and add their desired modules to create a fully functional servo drive design for a market-ready robot. The options are designed to satisfy the most common requirements, such as type of connectors, communication protocols, safety functions and motor and encoder specifications. Users then receive a fully scalable and modular download file, ready to edit at their convenience. Experts are available to answer questions and guide users.

The entire process takes just five simple steps:

  1. Submit an idea for a new motion control application to the Summit Designer Website.
  2. Check the PCB designs there to find the one that fits your needs.
  3. Customize it with an in-depth application guide.
  4. Talk to experts and get support whenever needed.
  5. Plug into a Summit Drive and go to market.

“Summit Designer was developed by top experts in motion control applications and robotics,” Vila said. “Our goal was to make the process as simple, flexible and seamless as possible. Each project allows for high customization and provides all the necessary tools in a single download.”

Click here to know more about Summit Designer by INGENIA, a part of Celero Motion.

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