Despite Covid-19, ALLPCB Performing Swiftly

Under COVID-19, industries across the country have been hit, and many enterprises' export is now still at a standstill. Although ALLPCB's international orders have reduced by about 30%, its domestic orders are still growing. This is due to ALLPCB always insisting on the supply side to the extreme, insisting on building the digital factory driven by technology.

On June 1, 2020, the long-lost ALLPCB Commendation and Mobilization Conference was held again in Hangzhou headquarters. 

From the PCB prototype to the industrial Internet platform, ALLPCB is committed to creating a collaborative manufacturing service ecosystem for the electronic information industry, which is based on complete production management systems to transform and associate collaborative factories.

During exploring the collaborative mode, Mr. Jia found that the informationization and automation of the entire PCB industry are pretty low, manufacturing execution system (MES) nearly in a blank state. Therefore, ALLPCB will help collaborative factories to build the entire supply chain system, to integrate small orders, which can greatly improve efficiency and remove remaining capacity.

ALLPCB regards its self-operated factory as a guinea pig. Ideas about the production system will first experiment in the self-operated factory. After modules successfully passed, they will be transplanted into the collaborative factories. In traditional factories, production scheduling must be judged manually. After digitally transformed by ALLPCB, the above decisions can be integrated into the whole system, which makes production simple. 

This system can not only monitor production progress, but also track the entire process. At any time, customers, sales, or production managers can know the status of any order. From placing an order to shipment, the entire process has been online and real-time tracked.

After the earlier efforts, thanks to the ALLPCB collaborative model, its monthly average growth rate maintained about 20% in 2019.

ALLPCB CEO, Mr. Zhou believes that the real trend of manufacturing transformation is "flexible platform, rigid factory". The future of ALLPCB is also flexible. Under the collaborative mode, the division of labor becomes more and more precise. Some general affairs such as raw material procurement and system procedures can be solved by the platform together. What factories need to do is production. At the same time, the orders dispatched by the platform will be pushed accurately according to each factory's strengths, to truly achieve flexible production.

With the push from the consumer side, technologies such as artificial intelligence have profoundly affected the development of the industry. The target of ALLPCB is to build a giant manufacturing platform to support the transformation and upgrade of the Chinese traditional manufacturing industry.

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