ICAPE Group Announces Acquisition of LUSODABEL, A Leading Supplier of PCB Solutions in Portugal and Spain

ICAPE Group Announces Acquisition of LUSODABEL, A Leading Supplier of PCB Solutions in Portugal and Spain712370

ICAPE Group, a global technology distributor of printed circuit boards, announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares in LUSODABEL, one of the leading suppliers of PCB solutions in Portugal and Spain.

Founded in 1996, LUSODABEL is a Portuguese supplier specialized in prototypes, pre-series and series of PCB. With a business strategy based on long-term relationships with well-known industrial players in Portugal and Spain, the company serves a portfolio of around 50 local customers, mainly from the industrial and telecommunications sectors. Thanks to its local footprint and its sectorial expertise, LUSODABEL consolidates the positioning of ICAPE Group in the Iberian Peninsula. In 2021, LUSODABEL generated annual net sales of more than €6.1 million and an EBIT of about €1.2 million.

Cyril CALVIGNAC, ICAPE Group’s CEO, stated: With LUSODABEL, ICAPE Group actively pursues its external growth strategy focused on the generation of purchasing and commercial synergies by targeting profitable players, locally recognized and with a strong customer portfolio. For ICAPE Group, the Iberian Peninsula represents a key market, invested from 2019 following the opening of a subsidiary in Barcelona. With the support and experience of LUSODABEL, which becomes the 30th subsidiary of our group, we strengthen our value proposition in this market while ensuring increased proximity with our Spanish and Portuguese customers.

Vitoriano FIDALGO, founder of LUSODABEL, added: “LUSODABEL is still a growing company, and we are convinced that joining ICAPE Group is a boost to develop our business and increase the level of services we offer to our customers. ICAPE Group has a very serious reputation with a long history in the PCB and technical parts industry. Joining our forces today means that our customers will be able to benefit from better options regarding PCB technologies, commodities, quality, and logistics. We are also very happy to enter their network and be able to provide our customers with the thrust that comes with their renowned worldwide organization, processes and expertise.”

Like the recent acquisition of the Danish company MON PRINT, announced on August 29th, 2022, the consolidation of LUSODABEL, a transaction fully financed by ICAPE Group in cash, will take place as of January 1st, 2022. LUSODABEL will continue to operate in Portugal and Spain under the name ICAPE Lusodabel, the seven employees of this entity will support the activity of the subsidiary ICAPE Iberica.

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