Printed Circuits Installs Zünd High Speed CNC Cutter/Routing Machine

Flex and rigid flex circuit board manufacturer, Printed Circuits has purchased and installed a Zünd high speed CNC controlled cutter and router.

The Zünd unit provides fully automated CNC cutting of thin and thick materials ideal for fabricating flexible circuits and the cover layers and bond plies used in their manufacture. Printed Circuits purchased their Zünd with the continuous table option, which will accommodate cutting rolled goods and very long flexible circuits. The unit was also purchased with a router head, which is ideal for the hardboard sections of rigid flex circuits.

According to Ken Tannehill, President and CEO, Printed Circuits, the new addition is one more option for them, whether they are fabricating the components that go into a flexible circuit or tooling the final board, that gives them tremendous flexibility and speed, two things that are critical to customers.

Printed Circuits is a US manufacturer of multilayer flex and rigid flex printed circuit boards with over 40 years of experience building circuits typically used in high reliability applications such as medical, military and commercial electronics where customers place a premium on reliability, package density, and weight.

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