Saki Corporation Adds 3D X-Ray Inspection System to 3Xi-M110 Range

Saki Corporation Adds 3D X-Ray Inspection System to 3Xi-M110 Range712370

Saki's popular 3Xi-M110 line will now include a new ultra-high speed 3D X-ray Automated Inspection System (3D-AXI), offering additional improvements in cycle time and inspection accuracy. The most accurate volumetric inspection findings currently available are provided by the newly designed 3Xi-M110 V3, which also impressively reduces cycle time by 50%.

Building on the previous enhancements released in 2022, Saki starts the new year with further optimizations to its 3D automated X-ray range. The need for premium printed circuit board and component inspection has grown year-on-year. Saki stands at the forefront of the essential technology required for automated quality assurance with its 3Xi-M110 V3 heading the Saki Total Inspection Line Solution, delivering the cutting-edge results manufacturers strive for.

At the core of the machines’ upgrades is the exclusive Planar CT technology and a suite of tools that are custom developed in-house to optimize the inspection of PCBs of every type. The 3Xi-M110 V3 model delivers cycle times of more than twice as fast as previously possible and the accuracy provided is unparalleled, ensuring cleaner results untarnished by shadows or noise.

Saki’s Planar CT technology used in the 3Xi-M110 detects solder joint defects and microstructure abnormalities in high-density PCBs. The automated X-ray inspection system utilizes Real 3D volumetric inspection to clearly identify voids in multi-layer solder, THT assembly and BGA head-in-pillow issues, and defective component parts based on fillet position and other factors.

The 3Xi-M110 V3 maintains the same light weight and compact footprint as the original 3Xi-M110 while consuming 40% less power per board, which underlines Saki’s commitment to contributing to sustainable manufacturing with Saki’s latest inspection solutions.

Saki will debut the 3Xi-M110 V3 machine at the 37th NEPCON JAPAN, which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on January 25-27. Visitors to the show are invited to Saki’s booth (East Hall 2, Booth No. 15-1) for a demonstration and to discover Saki’s latest solutions for the ever-changing inspection environment.

Norihiro Koike, President and CEO of Saki Corporation said: “The 3Xi-M110 V3 model has merged hardware and software optimization to achieve speeds that are twice as fast as the previous model and to help improve manufacturing quality thanks to Saki’s proprietary planar CT technology for X-ray inspection. Saki will continue to advance its technology to ensure highest maintainability, manufacturing efficiency and economic viability. For 2023, we look forward to further develop and deepen our relationships with our global customer base and business partners.”

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