Ventec Expands ThinFlex Inventory & Cutting Capability in Europe

PCB copper clad laminates and prepregs developer, Ventec has expanded its ThinFlex inventory to multiple European locations with full cutting capability in both Germany and the UK. Following the acquisition of TMT Trading GmbH in June 2016, Ventec has continued to maintain and build upon its position as the supply chain partner of choice for ThinFlex (Arisawa) materials in Europe.

To offer even greater value to its customers, Ventec has expanded its ThinFlex inventory in Germany and the UK, offering full cutting capability in both locations. ThinFlex materials are fully compatible with Ventec's low-flow and no-flow prepreg lines, VT-901 (Polyimide / PI), VT-47 & VT-447 (high-reliability epoxy) for use in flex-rigid constructions, as well as with the full Ventec range of copper clad laminates & prepregs.

With their one-stop-service solution for PCB materials to the European PCB and electronics industry, customers can rely on Ventec’s fully accredited and controlled global supply chain (ISO9001 & AS9100 Rev D) that ensures product quality, consistency and reliability. The company’s wider product offering includes complementary consumable products such as standard and specialty drill materials (Centrum & Glossback), copper foils including Advanced Copper Foils (ACF).

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