ViTrox Showcased Advanced PCB SMT Assembly Inspection Solutions at Productronica 2021

ViTrox Showcased Advanced PCB SMT Assembly Inspection Solutions at Productronica 2021712370

ViTrox, a global company that provides machine vision solutions for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries, showcased its V510i Advanced 3D Optical Inspection (AOI) Solutions, V9i AdvancedRobotic Vision (ARV) Solutions and the Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solutions, V-ONE at Productonica 2021. Their sales and technical experts were thrilled and ready to reconnect with their customers, partners, and everyone who is interested in their solutions in person after years.

The Revolutionary Vision Solutions

ViTrox’s V510i AOI Solutions enable users to perform high-speed inspections through real 3D measurements. Integrated with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Technology, V510i AOI Solutions offer comprehensive capabilities to enhance production efficiency and processing speed in programming, classification, buy off, and many processes. Besides that, V510i AOI Solutions also feature A.I. programming and A.I. Buy Off in Repair Station, which can achieve fast, accurate and quality-assured inspection performance.

Meanwhile, ViTrox will be showcasing V9i ARV Solutions during the show. V9i ARV Solutions received two notable industry awards, including the IPC APEX 2020 Innovation Award and the 2019 Global Technology Award. V9i ARV Solutions is a fully configurable 2-in-1 system with a compact design integrated with flexible hardware, software architecture and algorithms. Its robust features make it suitable to perform conformal coating and final inspection of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Apart from the two robust inspection solutions, ViTrox also highlighted its Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Solution (V-ONE) and share its exciting information with attendees. V-ONE is the best Industry 4.0 Smart Solution to support users’ business. Implementing V-ONE in the production line enables stakeholders to exceedingly optimise the manufacturing process through the insightful analytics provided by V-ONE on a real-time basis. Meanwhile, V-ONE also provides an auto alert triggering feature which enables stakeholders to detect issues and minimise interruption in the production line. Coupled with V-ONE’s machine connectivity and big data analytical capabilities, stakeholders would be able to monitor the production status anytime, anywhere.

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