What is a Single Sided PCB?

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May 16, 2019

A Single Sided PCB is the most basic type of printed circuit board. It consists of only one conductive copper layer above the substrate. The electrical components are soldered or mounted on to one side of the board and the entire etched circuit can be seen on the other side of the board.

Single Sided Printed Circuit Boards are easy to design and manufacturer. They are also the most cost-effective PCBs.

Since these boards have only one conducting layer the conductive paths cannot cross or overlap and thus tend to take up a large amount of space. Due to this such PCBs are ideal for low-density design requirements. 

Key Features of Single-Sided PCB

  • Cost-effective and suitable for high volume of orders
  • Suitable for Low Density Designs
  • Easy to manufacturer
  • Easy to design
  • Easy to repair in case something goes wrong

Single-Sided PCBs are used for simple and low cost electrical/electronic devices like calculators, power supplies, LED Lighting boards, FM Radios, Timing Circuits etc.

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