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What does High Tg mean?

Glass transition temperature (Tg) is the temperature of the base material at which the plastic matrix converts from a brittle condition to a soft, elastic one. Generally, PCB’s are subjected to high temperature ranges, therefore, it becomes important to determine Tg values to predetermine the kind of material to be used as the substrate. High Tg means that the material has high heat absorbing capability i.e. it converts into the elastic form at a relatively higher temperature.

When an ordinary PCB is subjected to high temperature, it starts getting deformed when the temperature crosses the substrate’s Tg. Moreover, it’s mechanical and electrical characteristics also start getting affected. Higher the Tg value, higher is the stability of the printed circuit board at higher temperatures. Generally, Tg values lie between 120 and 170 C. But for High Tg PCB’s the value is more than 170 C which enables the PCB to perform even at high temperatures with better stability as the substrate provides better heat resistance, chemical and mechanical stability to the board.

Properties of High Tg Boards:

  • They have high temperature durability and long delamination durability
  • They have comparatively Low z-axis expansion
  • Higher the Tg value, higher the heat resistance

PCB Directory has listed the leading High Tg PCB fabricators and manufacturers and made them searchable through their location and capabilities. You can select the country or state to narrow down on local PCB manufacturers or companies that can develop High Tg printed circuit close to where you are located. In addition to this, you can also select the capabilities that you are looking for in a High Tg PCB vendor, like - Number of Layers, Type of Board, board thickness etc. - We narrow down the list to show you the companies who can cater to your requirement.



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