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Date: 21 April, 2022
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Latest PCB News
ICAPE Group Acquires German PCB Supplier SAFA2000 - ICAPE
Berkeley Lab Develops PCBs with Solderless, Board-in-Board Interconnections for Low-cost, Flexible Designs - Berkeley Lab
KLA Launches Cloud-Based Software to Accelerate DFM Analysis and Time-to-Market for Complex PCBs - KLA Corporation
Winonics to Supply Rigid High Quality PCBs to Lockheed RMS - Winonics
YINCAE Develops Die Attach Material that can Withstand Temperature of -273°C Without Delamination - YINCAE
IPC Invites Participants for IPC APEX EXPO 2023 - IPC
KATEK to Acquire SigmaPoint Technologies - KATEK
SMT Equipment Market Estimated to Cross $9.1B by 2031 with Increasing Use in Various Industries - Transparency Market Research
Benchmark Selected by Dynetics to Make Electronic Components for U.S Army's Missile Shield System - Benchmark Electronics
MacDermid Alpha to Feature New Versatile Low Temperature Solder Paste at SMTA Expo & Tech Forum - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
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New White Papers & Articles
The Guide to PCBA Development for Semiconductor Applications - Tempo
The Engineer’s Guide to PCBA Manufacturing Complexity - Tempo
Enabling active connectivity through flexible printed circuits - TRACKWISE DESIGNS LTD
PCB Design and Assembly for Power Supplies - Advanced Assembly
7 Design Aspects of IoT PCB Designs - Mentor Graphics
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New PCB Equipment
Flying Probe Tester
610 x 510 mm PCB Manual Test System for Rigid and Flexible Boards
Flying Probe Tester  from atg - Luther & Maelzer GmbH

The A9 Flying Probe from atg - Luther & Maelzer is a PCB Manual Test System for rigid and flexible boards. It is a double-sided system with 8 test probe and is equipped with 4 high-resolution XGA color cameras. The system has a test area of 610 x 510 mm and uses a linear drive technology to provide high-speed, compact size and flexibility.
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In-Circuit Tester
In-Circuit Tester for Low-Voltage Testing Market
In-Circuit Tester  from Test Research, Inc

The TR8100H SII from TRI Innovations is an In-Circuit Tester (ICT) with high throughput and accuracy for large and complex PCBAs. It is designed for low-voltage testing market. This ICT has a vacuum fixture system that ensures full pin contact, and with up to 11,088 pins digital MUX-free architecture, the system allows for faster and simpler testing of large pin-count devices and fast program development.
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Wave Soldering Equipment
350 mm Compact Wave Solder Machine
Wave Soldering Equipment  from Manncorp

The 28.350 Compact Wave Solder Machine from Manncorp is designed for budget conscious assemblers with intermediate to heavy throughput requirements. It features an auto-cleaning titanium finger conveyor with motorized width adjustment that handles PCBs up to 13.8" (350 mm) wide. This machine can be configured with dual waves to accommodate through-hole, surface mount and mixed-technology assemblies.
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Solder Paste Inspection Equipment
4/12 MP 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) Machine
Solder Paste Inspection Equipment  from Test Research, Inc

The TR7007Q Plus from TRI Innovation is a 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) machine that offers accurate inspection for low solder bridges and is capable of eliminating local PCB deformation by compensating board warpage. It is equipped with an improved motion controller (EtherCAT) and an enhanced 2D lighting module.
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Solder Paste
Halogen-Free Low-Temperature Solder Paste
Solder Paste  from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

The OM-565 is a zero-halogen low-temperature solder paste designed to reduce defects caused by warpage in chip-scale packages that are temperature sensitive. It allows for minimizing post reflow defects such as Non-Wet-Open (NWO) and Head-in-pillow (HIP) because of the solder paste used. It enables the assembly to reach peak reflow temperatures up to 175°C as well as superior wettability.
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PCB Laminates
Halogen-free, Low-Loss Laminate Material from 1 to 10 GHz
PCB Laminates  from Elite Material Co.,Ltd

The EM-892K from Elite Material is a halogen-free, Low-Loss Laminate Material with an operating frequency range from 1 to 10 GHz. It has a dielectric constant (Dk) from 2.84 to 3.11 and a dissipation factor (Df) from 0.0012 to 0.0019. This laminate has a peel strength of 3.5 Kg/cm and is suitable for use in aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial and military applications.
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Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment
Automated Optical Inspection Machine with Auto-Learning Feature
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment  from Test Research, Inc

The TR7700Q SII from TRI's Smart Programming is an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machine and has auto-learning functionalities. It provides inspection speed up to 57 cm2/sec with flexible inspection algorithms and metrology capabilities for exact measurements and data exchange for Smart Factory applications.
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PCB Laminates
Low-Loss, High-Reliability Adhesive System
PCB Laminates  from DuPont

The Pyralux® HP from DuPont is an Adhesive System that offers low loss and high reliability and is specially designed for OEMs and PCB design manufacturers. It is epoxy-based and is suitable for rigid-flex designs for medical industries, military, automotive, and multi-layer flex. These adhesives provide best-in-class insertion loss performance, increased functionality, and ease of processing while maintaining high reliability.
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250mm/s Liquid Dispensing System with an area of 450 x 450 mm
Dispenser  from PPM, Inc

The CAM/ALOT 1818 from PPM is a Liquid Dispensing System provides reliable dispensing for medium and high production environments. It has a dispensing area of 450 x 450 mm and can accommodate up to four boards of 250 x 250 mm. This dispensing system uses a rotary positive displacement pump technology for flexible and reliable dispensing and has linear bearing slides for smooth point-to-point movement.
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PCB Prototyping Equipment
PCB Prototyping Machine with Working Area of 229 x 330 x 45 mm
PCB Prototyping Equipment  from MITS Electronics

The Auto Lab 100 from MITS Electronics is a PCB Prototyping Machine with a working area of 229 x 330 x 45 mm. It has a spindle speed of 100,000 rpm and a maximum travel speed of 55 mm/sec. This machine supports 10 auto tool change and has standard equipped camera monitoring system. It is available in an enclosure that measures 435 x 575 x 430 mm and consumes 200 VA of power.
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