PCB Flipper and Inverter

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What is the PCB flipper and inverter?

PCB Flipper/PCB Inverter is a machine used in the PCB assembly process line to invert/flip the PCB (180 degrees) for the next process; ideal to meet the needs of double-sided PCB board processing.

PCB flipper/PCB inverter machine can invert the printed circuit board smoothly and correctly. Also, these machines are highly customizable and suitable for small and big production systems.

Key features of PCB flipper/inverter machine:

  • PLC controlled and touch screen.
  • Invert mode of the machine is balanced, stable, and accurate.
  • Available to support pass-through mode (pass mode is used when the PCB doesn't need flipping)  
  • Available with by-pass mode selectable.
  • Can be customizable (left to right or right to left)
  • Available in a small footprint
  • SMEMA compliant
  • CE certified.

Key specs of PCB flipper/inverter machines:

Type: Represents the type of PCB board handling equipment

PCB size: Represents the minimum and maximum PCB size that can be handled by the PCB flipper/inverter.

PCB direction: Represents the PCB movement direction that can be supported by the machine

PCB thickness: Represents the PCB board thickness (in mm) that can be handled by the machine. 

Control type: Usually, PLC control

Conveyor height: This represents the height of the conveyor from the ground floor, measured in mm.

Air supply: It refers to the pressure of supplied air and is represented in Bar. Typically, the supplied air pressure range is 4-6 Bar.

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