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What is the PCB destacker and stacker

PCB stacker:

A PCB destacker is a bare board loader machine that automatically loads the bare PCB board from a PCB stack onto the PCB assembly line. The PCB stack is located above the conveyor segment. This machine uses a unique mechanism to separate the bottom PCB from the stack and delivers it onto the edge belt conveyor. 

Manually the PCB stack is loaded into the machine, and the machine can be equipped with various separation mechanisms depending on the type of PCB used.  Usually, the machine design allows continuous stack loading without stopping delivery operation. Mostly, the PCB destacker machine will send the bare boards to the screen printer or a dispenser machine in the PCB assembly line.

Key features of PCB destacker:

  • PLC Control system
  • FUJI button or touch screen control feature, easy operation
  • Bypass mode selectable
  • Available to support pass-through function
  • Width adjustment automatically
  • Smooth & precise translation
  • Tower light display for machine status.
  • SMEMA compliant
  • CE certified.

PCB stacker:

A PCB stacker is a bare board unloader machine used to stack bare boards after the PCB production line processes, such as laser marking or label placement. This machine usually uses a unique mechanism such as a pneumatic lifter that raises the PCBs one by one from the belt conveyor and adds the PCBs one by one into a single stack.

Key features of PCB stacker:

  • PLC Controlled.
  • Easy operation by touch screen.
  • Available to support pass through function
  • Available in motorized width adjustment by touch screen button.
  • Tower light display for machine status.
  • SMEMA interface.
  • CE certified.

The PCB stacker/ destacker machine securely handles the PCBs involved in the PCB production line process. Also, these machines are highly customizable and suitable for small and big production systems.

Key specs of PCB stacker and destacker machines:

Type: Represents the type of PCB board handling equipment

PCB size: Represents the minimum and maximum PCB size that can be handled by the PCB stacker/destacker.

PCB direction: Represents the PCB movement direction that can be supported by the machine

PCB thickness: Represents the PCB board thickness (in mm) that can be handled by the machine. 

Control type: Usually, PLC control

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