PCB Repair / Rework Companies

A list of companies that can repair or rework your PCB. Narrow down on the list of PCB repair / rework companies based on their location. PCB Directory is the largest online directory for PCB rework / repair companies.

PCB Repair / Rework

Printed circuit board repair and rework is the process of fixing PCB boards once they have been manufactured. Once the board has been fabricated there are cases where the pad or interconnect track requires some fixing or the board requires a different type of labeling or the via is damaged. Most of these issues can be fixed by a PCB repair / rework company.

PCB repair companies provide services that include BGA Rework, Trace Repair, Solder mask repair, Pad-on-Via Repair and a number of other services. If there is an issue with your PCB board then it is a good idea to contact one the PCB repair/rework companies and let them know what the issue is. They may ask you to send them a layout file which they can use the analyze how the circuit is meant to operate and what they can do to fix it.

PCB Directory has listed companies that specialize in fixing damaged printed circuit boards. You can select the service you need and the directory will show you a list of companies that provide that specific pcb repair / rework service. Narrow down on the list of companies based on their locations and capabilities.

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