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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design

Printed Circuit Board design is a key aspect of the PCB manufacturing and fabrication process. It is during the PCB Design phase that the size of the board, number of layers and other key factors are decided. The PCB Design process starts out with the development of a schematic which is then converted in to a layout file in which the details such as line spacing, layers, component sizes and other parameters are decided.

To make a PCB design, users can use a range of software. Most of the powerful software products are paid, however there are a few free ones that can be used by students and small companies.

Many customers look for PCB design companies to develop the PCB layout. When selecting a PCB design service provider, it is important to check with them what PCB software they plan to use for the design, as you want to try and make sure that you have access to this software in case you need to open and make edits to the PCB designed by the company you decide to work with.

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