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What is a PCB component counter?

PCB component counter is a microcomputer-based instrument used to count the number of axial, radial, and SMD components on the tape without damaging the components or carrier tape. It uses the principle of photoelectric sense and utilizes the advantage of the relations between the reel holes and the parts to count the components on the tape accurately and quickly. 

PCB component counter

The component counters are reliable and easy to use for any type of taped device - axial, radial & SMD, and the ideal solution to all your counting needs. These counters are widely used in the electronics industry and are ideal for component management. i.e., The PCB component counter helps to prevent a stock shortage and line-down situation by counting the components to verify the exact stock quantities of all your reeled components. The counting can be performed in both the forward and reverse directions, and also this machine allows the operator to detect missing components. Some models include with barcode scanner and label printer that identify and record quantity and date information; convenient for component management.

The types of PCB component counter include the standard component counter, automatic component counter, and motorized component counter.  

The PCB component counter can operate in two different ways: Totalizer mode and preset mode. In the totalizer mode, components are counted from a zero reference, and the counter automatically stops at the tape end (for knowing the total components in the tape). In the case of preset mode, the desired component number is set by the operator, and the counter automatically stops with an audible beep when it reaches the desired component number.

Key features of PCB component counter:

  • Accurate and quick counting
  • No risk of damaging the tapes & components
  • Presettable count with audible beep
  • AC or battery operation
  • LCD display
  • Can count taped SMD, Axial, and Radial components on one machine
  • Count forward and backward
  • Built-in memory allows for preset count quantity
  • Available in a wide range of counting volume

Key specs of PCB component counter: 

Type: Represents the type of PCB component counter.

Counting volume: Represents the number of component pieces (pcs) that can be counted by the component counter.

Reel interval distance: Represents the tape with reel interval distance in mm (i.e., space between two components) that can be handled by the machine. For example, the PCB component counter is available to handle the tape with reel interval distance such as  2,4,8,10,12,16,24,32,44,56 (mm) and more options. 

Reel width: Represents the reel width that can be handled by the counting machine.

Capability: Represents the number of component pieces (pcs) that can be counted by the machine in a given time (in seconds).


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