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PCB Directory is the largest directory of PCB Assembly (PCBA) Service Providers in world. Narrow down on printed circuit board assembly companies by country, state and their capabilities like order type: Prototype or Production and Assembly Type: Mixed, Surface Mount or Thru Hole.

What is Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)?

PCB Assembly is the process of mounting or placement of components on to a single PCB board. With the rapid development of the electronic industry, the manufacturers are designing different PCB assemblies based on the end application. The PCBA process for different applications can be realized by soldering components in a different manner. Depending on the number of layers the board has the components could be soldered using through-hole technology (THT), surface mount (SMT) or a combination of both THT and SMT called mixed assembly. The way of placing discrete components on the PCB board decides whether it’s THA/ SMT or Mixed.

In the PCB Assembly process customers must also specify the soldering process they want to use i.e do they want the components placed and soldered on the board using wave soldering, hand soldering or using a pick and place machine.

The first stage of the PCBA process is the placement and soldering of components on the board. Once this is done then the PCB Assembly companies have a number of process which they use to make sure that the component placements were correct. They have a number of test processes for this. These include AOI, X-Ray inspection etc.

PCB Assembly companies from all over the world are listed on PCB Directory. We have created the largest online directory of companies that provide PCB Assembly services. Use the filters on the left to narrow down on companies based on their capabilities and location.

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Tell us your PCB requirement and let us get you quotes from multiple companies.

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