PCB Dry Cabinets

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PCB Dry Cabinets are used to store printed circuit boards in a low humidity environment. Dry cabinets from the leading manufacturers are listed here.

What are PCB Dry Cabinets?

PCB dry cabinets are cabinets used to store Printed Circuit Boards, ICs, and other electronic components to protect them from excessive moisture in the external environment. Dry cabinets are necessary when electronics equipment or appliances need to be stored in a low humidity environment. It is important to store PCBs in a low humidity environment, as they can lead to condensation and form water droplets that can cause short circuits. Humidity also corrodes the copper traces on the board.

When looking for a PCB Dry cabinet it is important to specify the relative humidity level that is required. There are a range of cabinets available with different humidity levels:

  • 1% - 3% RH Electronic dry cabinet
  • 1% - 5% RH Electronic dry cabinet
  • 1% - 10% Electronic dry cabinet
  • 10% - 20% Electronic dry cabinet
  • 20% - 60% Electronic dry cabinet

PCB Directory has listed Dry Cabinets from the leading manufacturers in the industry and made it easy for users to find these machines based on their requirement. Users can specify the humidity level and other parameters to find a dry cabinet that meets their requirements. They can then view the cabinet specifications, download the spec sheet and get a quote. Quotes requested are routed to manufacturer of the PCB dry cabinet.


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