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What are Flexible Printed Circuit Boards?

As the name suggests, flexible PCB’s are those printed circuit boards that can be bent and twisted and still operate properly. Flexible PCB’s is just another name for flexible circuits. They were initially designed to replace traditional wire harnesses. They are available in single, double or multilayer formats. Due to their small size, low weight and reduced amount of hardware needed for fabrication, they consist of about 10-15% of globally produced PCB’s.

Applications and Benefits of Flexible PCB's

  • They are primary choice where flexible packaging parts are required. 
  • Flexible PCB’s dispel heat at a very greater rate that finds its use in the aeronautical industry. 
  • They are widely used in high speed controlled impedance designs that offers very minimal impedance to the conducting current. 

PCB Directory has listed the leading Flexible PCB fabricators and manufacturers and made them searchable through their location and capabilities. You can select the country or state to narrow down on local Flexible manufacturers or companies that can develop your printed circuit boards who are close to where you are located. In addition to this, you can also select the capabilities that you are looking for in a PCB vendor, like - Number of Layers, Type of Board, board thickness etc. - We narrow down the list to show you the companies who can cater to your requirement.


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