Coating Thickness Gauge by Jinan Hensgrand Instrument Co.,Ltd (6 more products)

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Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Jinan Hensgrand Instrument Co.,Ltd

General Parameters

  • Probe Type
    FE Probe, NFE Probe
  • Measurement Range
    0 to 1250 mm
  • Material Type
    Fe, Co, Ni, Al, Cr, Cu, Zn, Sn, Enamel, Steel
  • Substrate Thickness
    Fe: 0.2mm NFe: 0.05mm
  • Power Supply
    Four 7th battery
  • Calibration
    Host one pc , Calibration test piece one group, Sling, Operate manual, Instrument container
  • Accuracy
    1 µm
  • Display
  • Minimum curvature radius concave
    25 mm
  • Minimum curvature radius convex
    Convex 5 mm
  • Overall Dimensions
    112 x 69 x 28 mm
  • Net Weight
    82 gram
  • Operating Temperature
    -10 to 60 Degree C

Technical Documents

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