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The MS-11em from MIRTEC is a Solder Paste Inspection Equipment. It utilizes a 25 MP camera system that produces images with a resolution of 7.7 or 10 µm and a height resolution of ±1 μm. This equipment camera uses dual-projection shadow-free Moiré Phase Step image processing technology to produce images for a wide-phase inspection. It can accommodate PCBs weighing up to 4 Kgs and measuring from 50 x 50 mm to 280 x 330 mm. The minimum edge clearance of the camera is 3 mm, and the bottom clearance is 50 mm. It uses a single-stage high-speed conveyor system with programmable width control and automatic PCB support. This equipment implements automated Z-height calibration and PCB under board support systems for operation, with precision PCB warpage compensation ensuring accurate measurements.

The MS-11em utilizes an Intel® Multi-Core PC with a 32” flat screen LCD monitor, Windows 10 OS and other accessories. It uses INTELLISYS Industry 4.0 intelligent factory automation system to facilitate connectivity and optimization, making it an essential tool for quality control in manufacturing processes. This solder paste inspection equipment is available in an enclosure that measures 900 x 1290 x 1660 mm.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Solder Paste Inspection Precision for PCB Dimensions up to 280 x 300 mm

General Parameters

  • Measurement
    Height, Volume / Area, Solder Bridge, X/Y Offset, Shape Deformity
  • PCB Size
    50 x 50 to 280 x 330 mm
  • PCB Weight
    4 kg
  • Imaging Resolution
    7.7, 10 µm
  • Height Resolution
    ±1 µm
  • Camera
    25 MP
  • 3D Technology
    Dual Projection Shadow Free Moiré Phase Step Image Processing
  • Bottom Clearance
    50 mm
  • Edge Clearance
    3 mm
  • Net Weight
    870 Kg
  • Overall Dimensions
    900 x 1290 x 1660 mm

Technical Documents

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