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What is a Solder Paste Dispenser?

The solder paste dispenser is a computerized machine used to apply dots of solder (paste) on a PCB where the SMD components are going to be placed. A PCB dispenser machine applies dots of solder on the board using a nozzle located on the head of the dispensing system that can move above the PCB. The movement of the nozzle above the PCB surface and accurate placement of glue with required volume and height is controlled by the computer. The volume and height of the glue depend upon the size of the components.

Specification of a Dispenser for Printed Circuit Boards:

Dispensing valve: It indicates the type of valve system used in the machine. The dispensing valves are Time/pressure valve, Archimedean screw valve, Volume Dispenser valve, Jet valve, Pneumatic-Jet valve or piston-type valve.

Maximum dispense area: This is the maximum size of a PCB that can be handled by the machine.

Placement accuracy: It is a measure of how accurately the dot of solder is placed on the board. It is usually signified in ± X micron. For example, the accuracy of the D-sniper SMT dispenser machine is ± 25 microns.

Repeatability: It is a measure of the exact placement capability of the machine to apply a solder dot on the PCB for the repeatable operation and is measured in ± X micron. For example, the accuracy of the D-sniper SMT dispenser machine is ± 20 microns.

Compressed air: It is the air pressure needed for compression purposes of solder and is represented in the Kgf/cm².

Speed: It represents how how quickly dots of solder can be applied on a board. It is usually represented in dots/hour or dots/min.

Dispensing speed: It is the measure of how much time it takes to apply a single dot of solder.

Maximum board weight: It is the weight of the board that can be handled by the PCB Dispenser.

PCB Directory has listed solder dispensing equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry and made it easy for users to find these machines based on their requirement. Users can specify the type of equipment based on the dispensing speed and other parameters. They can then view machine specifications, download the spec sheets and get quotes. Quotes requested are routed to manufacturer of the solder paste dispensing machine for printed circuit boards.

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