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PCB Assembly Quotations

PCB Assembly is the process of soldering components onto a bare printed circuit board. The assembly process takes a bare PCB board and adds components to it to develop a complete circuit. Depending on the number of layers the board has the components can be soldered using through-hole technology (THT), surface mount (SMT) or a combination of both THT and SMT called mixed assembly. Use the tool above to get quotes for your PCB assembly requirement.

What is the PCBA Quotation Tool?

The PCB Assembly Quotation tool gets you pricing for your printed circuit board assembly requirement from multiple manufacturers. All you need to do is fill out a single form or upload a file with your requirement. The PCB Directory team will identify relevant manufacturers and send your requirements to them. The relevant PCB companies will then get back to you with the details.

In addition to your requirements, you must specify the type of assembly. There are three options:

Turnkey PCB Assembly: This is the complete PCB Assembly process which includes the fabrication of the board, procurement of components to be placed on the board, the PCB assembly process and other testing or quality control processes that are required to give customers the final assembled printed circuit board.

Kitted or Consigned PCB Assembly: In this case the customer procures and provides the components that will be used to assemble the PCB Board.

Combination PCB Assembly: In this case, the customer will provide some of the components while the PCB assembly company will procure the rest of the components.

Using this PCB Assembly Quote tool you can get quotes on your PCBA requirement from multiple manufacturers. It is important that you specify the order type i.e if you are looking for prototype PCB assembly quotes or production PCB Assembly quotes as the pricing in each case can vary significantly.

Over 1000 Users have used this tool to get quotes on their PCB Assembly requirement.

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