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If you have an electronic schematic and are in need of PCB manufacturing with printed circuit board manufacturers, we can perform a PCB layout for your PC board using PCB design software. Once completed, we provide all Gerber files and documentation required for circuit board manufacturing of your PCB circuit board. Our rates for circuit design are extremely competitive, and our turnaround time is impressive.

PCB Repair / Rework Services

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Design Capabilities

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Design Service

We specialize in PCB design for PCB electronics.  We have the following capabilities and offer the following services:

  • Electronic circuit and circuit schematic design via schematic capture
  • Multi-layer PCB layout with custom electronic board outline profiles
  • New designs as well as updates of existing designs
  • The layout of surface mount or through hole mounting types, including combination designs
  • The Layout of AC, DC, as well as AC/DC combination designs
  • Custom component footprint design for a wide array of manufacturer packages
  • Mechanical interference, design, and electrical rule checking
  • Mechanical CAD export of the finished design including components

Assembly Capabilities

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