ASMPT Introduces Factory Equipment Center to Enhance Production and Maintenance Planning

ASMPT Introduces Factory Equipment Center to Enhance Production and Maintenance Planning712370

ASMPT SMT Solutions, a leading provider of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solutions, has unveiled its latest offering, the Factory Equipment Center. This software aims to streamline production and maintenance planning, minimizing process risks in the SMT industry. With the rise of Industry 4.0 and just-in-time supply chains, aligning the routine maintenance of production assets with production planning has become crucial for success.

The Factory Equipment Center software ensures process reliability for various production assets, including machines, feeders, placement heads, nozzles, and other equipment present on the SMT shop floor. By implementing this scalable and enterprise-wide asset and maintenance management solution, maintenance managers gain a comprehensive overview of the entire product inventory and can seamlessly plan maintenance operations with automation and precision. This eliminates errors and enables technical teams to maintain sufficient manufacturing capacities without incurring service backlogs.

One of the notable features of the Factory Equipment Center is its Centralized management, which encompasses planning, time- and usage-based controlling, execution, documentation, and support of maintenance and service operations for all production equipment, including machines from different manufacturers and non-SMT assets. The software equips technicians with instructions, checklists, and real-time information, simplifying their tasks and automating time-consuming reporting duties. Moreover, Factory Equipment Center provides visibility into the status and location of each piece of equipment, allowing for easy monitoring and visualization of machine data.

Eric Kirschner, Senior Product Manager at ASMPT SMT Solutions, highlights the significance of the Factory Equipment Center, particularly for production-critical components like feeders. In high-volume production environments with multiple SMT lines and a wide range of products, managing an efficient inspection and cleaning schedule for a considerable number of feeders—sometimes up to 15,000—can be challenging. Factory Equipment Center ensures control over these operations, enabling customers' SMT lines to run reliably and achieve maximum efficiency and productivity.

The software seamlessly integrates with the SIPLACE LAN and the WORKS OIB interface, enabling it to scan the production environment and create a comprehensive database of connected assets. It automatically transfers service schedules for machines, feeders, and other production assets to a central maintenance calendar, facilitating efficient planning and execution.

A notable aspect of the Factory Equipment Center is its ability to track and manage feeder maintenance. Once the initial asset data is collected, the software continuously monitors the usage counters of all feeders in operation on the shop floor. Once a predetermined number of operating cycles is reached, the system locks the respective unit and sends a maintenance request via email to qualified employees. The email provides the location details and a list of activities to be carried out. When a maintenance team member removes a feeder from a machine, the central maintenance instance in Factory Equipment Center is automatically notified.

During maintenance, the feeder's progress is tracked using automated racks such as ASMPT's Active Feeder Racks, electronic interfaces, or barcodes scanned after each location change. In the maintenance area, the feeder is plugged into a test device that initiates the cleaning process. Once the feeder is operational again, the system reactivates it for use on the production floor. Every step of the process is logged automatically, and comprehensive and audit-ready reports can be easily generated.

Factory Equipment Center has also introduced a new feature for nozzle maintenance. By reading the RFID tag on each SIPLACE nozzle via the machine's placement head, the software includes nozzle maintenance in its time- and usage-based records. Additionally, ASMPT's networked machines monitor various operating parameters, allowing other events, such as a significant increase in missed pickups or component discards, to trigger a maintenance cycle.

The software offers a browser-based user interface that makes data accessible across a wide range of devices throughout the facility. It provides a database of maintenance instructions for easy guidance, even for inexperienced maintenance workers. Furthermore, Factory Equipment Center incorporates the functions of ASMPT's Remote Smart Factory solution, adding convenience and remote control capabilities.

In line with its Open Automation concept, ASMPT offers a flexible licensing model for Factory Equipment Center. Electronics manufacturers can choose from three packages—Essential, Plus, and Ultimate—to suit their specific needs. This approach allows for easy implementation and scalability as businesses evolve.

With the introduction of the Factory Equipment Center, ASMPT is poised to revolutionize production and maintenance planning in the SMT industry. By providing comprehensive asset management, automation, and integration capabilities, ASMPT empowers manufacturers to optimize processes, enhance reliability, and meet the demands of modern supply chains effectively.

To further explore the benefits of open automation and the integration of powerful software into planning strategies, ASMPT is hosting an online show titled "Facts on Open Automation." Scheduled for June 28, 2023, the show will feature discussions led by Laszlo Sereny and industry experts. 

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