DuPont Unveils Pyralux ML Laminate Series, Offering High Thermal Management

DuPont Unveils Pyralux ML Laminate Series, Offering High Thermal Management712370

DuPont introduced the DuPont Pyralux ML Series of double-sided metal-clad laminates, a unique addition to its extensive family of Pyralux laminates for flexible and rigid-flex printed circuit boards (PCBs). Developed for optimal thermal management, these laminates are an ideal solution for high-reliability markets such as aerospace, defense, electric vehicles (EV), artificial intelligence (AI) related networking, and other electronic devices. The Pyralux ML laminate series provides exceptional performance in challenging environments, making it a versatile and innovative solution for many different applications. DuPont is exhibiting the innovative new laminates this week during the IPC APEX Expo, April 9-11, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Laminates serve as the backbone for complex circuits built on both rigid and flexible substrates. They provide mechanical integrity to flex circuits while allowing designers the freedom to fit circuits into the available footprint. The Pyralux ML double-sided metal-clad laminates have been engineered to address the challenges of thermal management and provide optimized performance. They are ideally suited for flexible printed circuits, sensors, heaters, and thermocouples deployed in high-reliability applications that can benefit from unique metals with advanced material performance.

Unlike other Pyralux products, the Pyralux ML laminate contains metal alloys, such as copper-nickel (CuNi), featuring Kapton all-polyimide dielectric technology. The alloys provide essential thermal resistance for heating, thermal conductivity to improve the desired heat transfer, resistivity for higher heat output, and thermoelectric properties as needed for the application. Pyralux ML laminates are available in a variety of dielectric and foil types, thicknesses, and a range of metal constructions. The laminates are fully compatible with most conventional circuit fabrication processes, making them a versatile product-development option for OEMs, designers, and fabricators. Pyralux ML double-side clads are currently supplied in sheet form and are being strategically rolled out by DuPont Electronics & Industrial.

 “At DuPont, we understand the critical role that laminates play in supporting the complex circuits required by our customers. With the launch of Pyralux® ML, we're proud to add another innovative solution to our extensive family of laminates,” said Thean Ming Tan, global business director, of Laminate Products, DuPont Interconnect Solutions. "Our relentless focus on optimizing thermal management and advanced material performance is driven by the evolving needs of industries such as aerospace, defense, and industrial applications with high-performance, high-reliability requirements. As leaders in materials science and engineering, we're committed to developing new products and applications that push the boundaries of what's possible, and we're honored to be a part of such a vital industry.”

“Heightened demand for robust thermal-management capabilities was the impetus for DuPont to leverage our engineering expertise in creating this unique laminate material, which is not available elsewhere,” stated Richard Wessel, applications technology manager, DuPont Interconnect Solutions. “While fabricators have been assembling laminates using base materials with similar properties, the consistent appearance, strong bond strength, and predictable performance of the Pyralux brand are key benefits for customers that choose Pyralux ML.”

Pyralux ML is just one of the innovative solutions that DuPont is exhibiting at the IPC APEX Expo. Other key products to be featured:

  • Electroplating chemistries, including copper, nickel, chrome, and silver options.
    • One of the newest, Silveron GT-210 Durable Silver, is designed for electrical contact applications requiring high conductivity and can tolerate high temperatures with durability exceeding that of hard gold.
  • Full range of Pyralux laminated circuit materials
    • All-polyimide copper-clad flexible laminates (CCLs), including Pyralux HT and Pyralux AP for rigid-flex and multilayer flex applications requiring high-speed frequency and reliability
    • Acrylic-based solutions, including Pyralux FR and Pyralux LF CCLs, coverlays, bondplys, and sheet adhesives
  • Riston advanced dry film photoresists, the industry standard for high yield, productivity, and ease of use in imaging applications
  • Interra thin copper-clad laminates, designed for use as embedded-capacitance materials in multilayer rigid PCBs, offer industry-best mechanical strength, reliability, and capacitance stability.

To learn more about these and other offerings, visit DuPont Interconnect Solutions at IPC APEX Expo. The company will exhibit and present Power Chats in the Insulectro Technology Village, Booth 3306, and will share Booth 4848 with Tritek Circuit Products.

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