MKS’ Atotech Set to Participate in ECTC 2024

MKS’ Atotech Set to Participate in ECTC 2024712370

 At this year’s 74th IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), MKS’ Atotech will present and demonstrate its latest product and service innovations. The global high-end packaging conference is organized by the IEEE Electronics Packaging Society in Denver, Colorado, and will be held at the Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center from May 28 – 31, 2024.

Leveraging its expertise in lasers, optics, motion, process chemistry, and equipment, MKS is distinguished by its ability to Optimize the Interconnect, a key driver for the coming era of advanced electronics, characterized by increasing miniaturization and complexity. The Optimize the Interconnect philosophy underscores the company’s distinctive ability to foster the development of cutting-edge solutions in advanced PCB and package substrate manufacturing for its clientele and collaborators. We are deeply committed to enabling new technologies and finer feature dimensions through the integration of MKS’ ESI laser drilling technologies with MKS’ Atotech chemistry and plating equipment.

This year the MKS’ Atotech team is represented by industry and technology experts from across various business areas and can be found at booth 422. for advanced semiconductor packaging, package substrate and printed circuit board technologies, the company will present its latest research on surface preparation critical to electroless copper deposition.

In collaboration with Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany, the Atotech team at MKS used X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) to study the surface preparation critical to electroless copper deposition.

The study confirms the importance of pre-treatment for optimal results and compares the air stability between our new activator and conventional palladium systems. Excitingly, our results indicate practical stability and improved performance with Cupraganth® Activator, which represents a revolution by eliminating palladium from the electroless copper process.

Ibbi Ahmet, Global Application Manager Package Substrate, will present the research results and introduce the new and innovative palladium-free Cupraganth Activator system at the 74th IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference on May 30th.

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) investigations to monitor the surface chemistry during palladium-free colloidal copper activation” by Ibbi Ahmet.

Date: May 30

Time: 9:30 a.m. – 12:35 p.m.

Click here for more information on the event and the location of ECTC 2024.

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