NCAB Acquires Cumatrix BV in Belgium

NCAB Acquires Cumatrix BV in Belgium712370

NCAB Group has acquired 100 percent of the shares in Cumatrix BV, based in Lommel, Belgium. A country where NCAB has not had a local presence until now. Cumatrix BV’s net sales amounted to 7 MSEK in 2023 with an EBITA margin of about 7 percent. The company has 2 employees.

The majority of sales is concentrated in the industrial sector and sourcing is being made from manufacturing partners in China. The acquisition is expected to be earnings accretive for NCAB Group in 2024. Synergies are expected in the areas of suppliers, payment terms, and logistics.

Benjamin Klingenberg, VP of NCAB Europe, stated “This acquisition is small but all the same it presents a strategic opportunity for NCAB Group to establish a local presence in the Belgian market. With this action, we also gain highly skilled and experienced personnel from the PCB industry, who will complement our existing capabilities and play a pivotal role in unlocking new growth opportunities and expanding our network in Benelux.

Gert Peeters, owner of Cumatrix BV, commented “We are happy to be able to enhance our business in the NCAB context. This will mean a positive development for our customers, us personally, and not the least give us new possibilities to grow in Belgium with the support of the entire NCAB Group.”

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