Nordson Electronics Launches New Conformal Coating System for High-volume Electronics Manufacturing

Nordson Electronics Launches New Conformal Coating System for High-volume Electronics Manufacturing712370

Nordson Electronics Solutions, a global provider of electronics manufacturing technologies, has announced the release of the new ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-1040 conformal coating system, the most advanced conformal coating solution for high-volume production for printed circuit assembly. Designed to meet the dynamic demands of electronics manufacturers, the SL-1040 includes system-level advancements to elevate automation, control, precision, and preventive maintenance for better yield and uptime with features that improve the total cost of ownership.

The SL-1040 pairs new process control and preventive maintenance with the new SC-450 PreciseCoat Jet and enhanced EasyCoat software that is ideal for high-volume production. Dual and triple applicators maximize throughput, while flexible features drive better yields through efficient changeover, traceability, and set-up consistency. A new ultrasonic cleaning station (patent pending) simplifies nozzle cleaning to improve uptime and cost of ownership. Standard configurations of the SL-1040 include advanced safety features, ESD-safe components, and compliance with standards including SMEMA, CE, NFPA, and SEMI. Based on the industry-leading SL-940, the new SL-1040 delivers greater platform accuracy, enhanced selectivity, and flexibility to handle any conformal coating application on the substrate.

Conformal coating is an enabling process that allows for the ruggedizing of electronic devices as the coating materials protect electronics from harsh environments to assure safe and reliable performance. To reach the highest level of reliability, coatings must be selectively applied to avoid keeping out zones and critical components, such as connector pins, test points, and relays. Selective coating equipment, in contrast to broadcast spraying or dipping that requires masking, only coats the desired regions of the board. The use of automated equipment is a reliable way to increase yield, increase throughput, and reduce the cost of the conformal coating process. Today’s printed circuit boards are more densely populated and require increased precision with higher throughput. The SL-1040’s performance avoids keep-out zones while offering consistent set-up, closed-loop feedback, as well as traceability and data logging for Industry 4.0 connectivity.

“When you can’t go back and fix it, you need the process control to apply the conformal coating correctly the first time. With the new Select Coat SL-1040, we’ve kept the time-tested functionality of the SL-940 and added significant system-level advancements to take conformal coating performance to the next level for better yield and uptime,” stated Almar Thewissen, product manager and market development manager, Nordson Electronics solutions.

The new ASYMTEK Select Coat SL-1040 was demonstrated at the Productronica trade fair, November 14-17, 2023, Munich, Germany.

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