Rehm Thermal Systems Offering Vision TripleX Convection Soldering System

Rehm Thermal Systems Offering Vision TripleX Convection Soldering System712370

Rehm Thermal Systems, a leading provider of thermal solutions, is offering the Vision TripleX convection soldering system. Vision TripleX represents a fusion of convection and vapor phase soldering, offering a versatile 3-in-1 solution for manufacturing processes. At the core of Vision TripleX are its main features: vacuum soldering, patented injection principle, pyrolysis, and Galden cleaning. This innovative system ensures energy-efficient, low-maintenance soldering with void-free results, reproducible processes, and a clean operating environment.

Vision TripleX's vacuum chamber enables convection soldering with vacuum, eliminating pores, gas occlusions, and voids immediately post-soldering. The active Galden filtering system promotes material and environmental friendliness by reusing Galden and ensuring rapid drying of soldering material.

Moreover, Vision TripleX integrates pyrolysis technology to effectively filter substances released during soldering, maintaining a clean and dry process chamber. With its residue management system, Vision TripleX minimizes maintenance cycles, offering long-term reliability and efficiency.

Vision TripleX's versatility extends to its 3-in-1 functionality, allowing reflow convection soldering with or without vacuum, and vapor phase soldering using Galden. This unparalleled flexibility sets a new standard for soldering solutions in the manufacturing industry, promising enhanced performance and productivity.

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