Yamaha Motor Unveils High-Speed, High-Precision Solder Paste Printer YRP10, Revolutionizing PCB Manufacturing

Yamaha Motor Unveils High-Speed, High-Precision Solder Paste Printer YRP10, Revolutionizing PCB Manufacturing712370

Yamaha Motor announced the release of its new solder paste printer YRP10. A solder paste printer is a machine that applies cream-based solder made of fine soldering particles, viscous fluid flux, and a binder to printed circuit boards (PCBs) with a spatula-like tool called a "squeegee." By heating in a reflow oven, the solder melts, and bonds the surface-mount electronic components to the PCB. 

The YRP10 is a new premium printer that achieves high-speed, high-precision solder printing, fully automated setup changeovers, and also supports dual-lane production. The Company has achieved the highest level of printing accuracy in the industry with the adoption of the new-generation YR series platform with excellent rigidity, a 3S head with a new squeegee, and stencil vacuum mechanism, and the optimization of printing conditions, etc. In addition, automation of setup changeovers, such as automatic push-up pins and stencil replacement, greatly reduces labor and human error when changing out products. Moreover, a dual-lane specification that enables completely independent operation for each lane can also be selected to support a wide variety of types of production.

Yamaha Motor has realized the ideal concept of a 1 STOP SMART SOLUTION by taking advantage of the company's strengths as a full-line-up manufacturer of mounting equipment, including surface mounters, printers, dispensers, and inspection equipment. The Company promotes the Intelligent Factory system, which comprehensively realizes higher efficiency in the mounting process through smooth and advanced inter-equipment cooperation without black boxes.

The YRP10 will be exhibited at JISSO PROTEC 2023 (24th Mounting Process Technology Exhibition), a comprehensive electronic component mounting technology exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight from May 31st to June 2nd.

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