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The FA1220 from HIOKI is an In-Circuit Tester that provides extensive function testing capabilities to complement existing automatic testing equipment. It has been consolidated in a single, desktop tower that can be easily embedded in existing equipment. This tester has up to 1024 test points, supports numerous measurement parameters and defect detections for a wide variety of inspections. It features electrolytic capacitor and IC reverse insertion detection. This tester utilizes four-terminal low-resistance measurement for stable measurement of low resistance and supports macro-testing function to increase test efficiency. The FA1220 is available in an enclosure that measures 200 x 298 x 323 mm with LAN port for PC connectivity.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    HIOKI E.E. Corp
  • Description
    In-Circuit Tester for Use with Existing Automatic Testing Equipment

General Parameters

  • AC Ammeter
    10 µArms f.s. to 10 mA rms f.s., 4 ranges
  • DC Ammeter
    100 nA f.s. to 250 mA f.s., 9 ranges
  • DC Voltmeter
    800 µV f.s. to 25 V f.s., 8 ranges
  • Interface
    Using I/O Board, 60 inputs, 56 outputs
  • Net Weight
    10 kg
  • No of Test Points
  • Overall Dimensions
    200 × 323 × 298 mm
  • Power Supply
    100 to 240 V AC (±10%), single-phase, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, max. 260 W
  • Switch Type

Technical Documents

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