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The TR8100H SII from TRI Innovations is an In-Circuit Tester (ICT) with high throughput and accuracy for large and complex PCBAs. It is designed for low-voltage testing market. This ICT has a vacuum fixture system that ensures full pin contact, and wit

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    TR8100H SII
  • Manufacturer
    Test Research, Inc
  • Description
    In-Circuit Tester for Low-Voltage Testing Market

General Parameters

  • Net Weight
    390 kg
  • No of Test Points
  • Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows compatible PC, Windows 10
  • Overall Dimensions
    1150 x 850 x 800 mm
  • Power Consumption
    200 W
  • Power Supply
    75 V/8 A/200 W Max
  • Switch Type
    Analog, Digital

Technical Documents

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