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The VT-447C from Ventec International Group is a halogen-free, high-Tg PCB Laminate with excellent thermal reliability. It is UL-certified, contains no lead, and has an average thickness of 0.10 – 5 mm. The temperature-dependent specifications of VT-447C include decomposition temperature between 340 to 385°C and glass transition temperature between 170 to 175°C. It has a dielectric constant between 4.6 to 5.4, a dissipation factor between 0.011 to 0.035, and a dielectric breakdown voltage of 60 KV. Similarly, the chemical specifications can be seen via its moisture absorption between 0.18 to 0.80 %, a CTI greater than 600V, and a flammability factor certified by UL 94V-0. 

The VT-447C laminate/prepreg features a phenolic-cured system with UV blocking, high voltage CAF resistance, low Z-CTE, and excellent thermal reliability. It is suitable for PEV & HEV automotive, BAPV, instrumentation, communication equipment, electronic game machines, and white goods. Available in sheet or panel form, with copper foil from 1/2oz to 6oz, and prepregs available in roll or panel form, it also comes in E-glass styles 7628, 2116, and 1080. 

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Ventec International Group
  • Description
    Halogen Free, High Tg PCB Laminate having Excellent Thermal Reliability

General Parameters

  • Type
    High Temp, Halogen-free
  • Dk
    4.6 to 5.4
  • Df
    0.011 to 0.035
  • Td
    340 to 385 C
  • Tg
    170 to 175 C
  • UL
  • Lead Free
  • Applications
    PEV & HEV Automotive, BAPV, Instrumentation, Communication Equipment, Electronic Game Machine, White Goods, etc.
  • Arc resistance
    187 Sec
  • Cte z
    190 to 300 ppm/°C
  • CTI
  • Dielectric breakdown
    60 KV
  • Electrical strength
    1200~1400 Volt/mil
  • Flamibility
    UL 94V-0
  • Flexural strength
    415 to 500 MPa
  • Moisture absorbtion
    0.18 to 0.80 %
  • Peel strength
    6 to 8 lb/in
  • Surface resistivity
  • Thickness mm
    0.10mm to 5mm
  • Volume resistivity
  • Z axis expansion
    2.2 to 3.5 %

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