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What is No Clean Solder Flux?

Flux is a chemical cleaning agent to help to create reliable solder joints while soldering by cleaning the oxidized metal surfaces (PCB’s pads) and other contaminants. But after the soldering process, the flux leaves residues. 

According to IPC J-STD-004B, different types of flux available; no-clean solder flux is one type of flux. As the name implies, no-clean flux does not need much cleaning because it leaves less residues than other types of flux  (For example, Rosin type flux, and water-soluble flux). Usually, the left over residue dies not harm the PCB, hence cleaning is usually not necessary.  However, even the little residues eft over must be cleaned in certain cases, such as the circuits with clock speeds above 1 GHz, improving adhesion of the conformal coating, and improving overall cosmetic appearance. The residues of no-cleaned flux can be cleaned by using a polar solvent or a solution of water and saponifier.

The no-clean flux is made from the mixing of rosin with some inorganic agents and is ideal for SMT applications (no-clean solder paste form), mixed technology soldering, and hand soldering (flux pen). Usually, the no-clean flux is available in liquid or semi-liquid form with various package types like Jar/Jug/Bottle/ Syringe/Tube/Container.

Key specifications of No-clean solder flux:

Package: Represents the package type of no-clean solder flux. It may be Jar/Jug/Bottle/ Syringe/Tube/Container. 

Net weight: Represents the net weight in Kg.

Storage temperature: Represents the storage temperature of the flux in Degree Celsius.

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