12KN Off-Line

12KN Off-Line

In-Circuit Tester by CheckSum, LLC (1 more product)

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The 12KN Off-Line fromCheckSum is an In-Circuit Tester that is designed to provide efficient and accurate testing of electronic circuits. It includes 5200 test points which ensure comprehensive testing of complex electronic circuitry. This tester supports the completesuite of CheckSum’s test capabilities for ICT, ISPand PFT (Parallel Functional Testing). It utilizes dual-level probing for physical isolation, has a fixture changeover time of less than 60 seconds and uses an advanced communication architecture to enable more testing in one fixture. 

The 12KN Off-Line is available in an enclosure that measures 1140 x 1020 x 1492 mm and is designed for high volume PCBA panel testingapplications.This tester is also equipped with a reliable power supply that requires an AC supply of 110-120/220-240 V and the power consumption of an energy-efficient 1.5 kVA ensures consistent performance even in areas with fluctuating power supply.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    12KN Off-Line
  • Manufacturer
    CheckSum, LLC
  • Description
    In-Circuit Tester for High Volume PCBA Panel Testing Applications

General Parameters

  • Net Weight
    159 kg
  • No of Test Points
  • Overall Dimensions
    1140 x 1020 x 1492 mm
  • Power Consumption
    1.5 kVA
  • Power Supply
    110-120/220-240 VAC 50/60Hz

Technical Documents

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